Juris Utāns

Juris Utāns' virtual exhibition "Unprecedented Works"

01.02.2021. - 01.08.2021.

Critical realism is the leitmotif of Juris Utāns' work. Through the interplay of collages of reality, the author paints motifs that affect the world of things and events known to the viewer. Visual messages often use messages that promote human emotion and have a direct effect on consciousness or the subconscious. It is in the artist's interest to reveal the relationship between the various regularities of the formation of visible and perceptible scenarios, which is made possible by the visual language of art. Forces such as human, animal, political, erotic, aesthetic encourage the painter to solve not only beauty but also social problems, which permits to be immortalized in paintings.

This project has been created in close collaboration with the art gallery Birkenfelds, as well as the artist's previous solo exhibition “Guess! What else is hidden in the box? ”10.03.2020.-12.05.2020. If the previous exhibition [by applying for an individual visit] was also to be seen physically in person, then this project is virtual due to the pandemic. The artist is a prolific author in his creative expressions. Quite a lot of paintings have been created, which is a mandatory part of artistic activity. in the specific project * does not sit *. Other times the works * ate * with each other and therefore do not live together.

This is a story about these works, which are practically not shown to a wider audience before. The author considered it important to add small comments under each work, so that the viewer would have a little insight, progress in the artist's feelings, ideas, creating these works. The years are not added - it is not important here. With a few exceptions, they have been created in the last six years. Format - the author's favorite around 2M longest edge. Canvas, acrylic, mixed media.

Sincerely, Painter and Gallery Birkenfelds

BALL IS MINE -Painting dedicated to sports, healthy lifestyle, and love for dogs as reliable friends of life. Technically, the gold foil is a visual painting tool that highlights existential value. The work is also dedicated to envy because the ball is only for one and the others will want, but nothing…


The work is dedicated to running, the relentless rhythm of life, and a sporty background as a daily stimulator.


Painted before the pandemic and one can only guess what awaits us all in terms of social distancing, the global health crisis, and the daily news broadcasts, where the coronavirus from China plays a key role. Initially, the idea is to reflect on loneliness, but from today's point of view, the message addresses global tensions.


JURIS UTĀNS - a project with the gallery Birkenfelds and If P&C Insurance Ltd

“6. months” November 2020 April 2021

Art needs space! The well-known insurance company If P&C Insurance Ltd regularly exhibits works of art on its premises. This time, in cooperation with Gallery Birkenfelds, the works of Juris Utans and the works of Juris Zvirbulis enter the corporate environment. Art historian Diāna Barčevska writes about Juris Utans 'work: "Juris Utans' art task has always been to knock contemporaries out of the comfort zone". This is in line with today's realities. Juris Zvirbulis, on the other hand, uses historical or literary images in his works - and Napoleon enters the room. Insight into space transformations - BEFORE AND AFTER


JURIS UTĀNS “Guess what! What else is hidden in the box? ”