Henri Preiss

Henri Preiss (1973) holds a Bachelor's degree in stage design studies at the Latvian Academy of Arts and a Master's in the same speciality from the Central Saint Martins School in London (2001).

After completing his studies, Preiss stayed in London, and the city became one of the influences in his work. He has had an active run in exhibitions, having had five solo shows, participated in the Prague Quadriennal (1995) and in a number of group exhibitions in Berlin, Brussels, London and New York.

Notable galleries, such as Saatchi and the University of the Arts in London, as well as Zuzeum have acquired Preiss' works. He is mentioned as one of the ''100 Painters of Tomorrow'' in the list of Kurt Beers, issued by Thames&Hudson. Henri Preiss currently lives and works in the United States.

"100 Painters of Tomorrow"

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In my latest collection of paintings I am exploring an infinite space within geometrical structures. Building the worlds where perception of depth and shape can be equally familiar and alien. New world landscape becomes populated with repetitive diagonals and seemingly inevitable need for a movement/escape. Tension within structures and light/shadow permits one to imagine more than painting’s surface allow. Megalithic simplicity has been one of my long standing fascinations, from land art projects of western US deserts to depopulated inner cities. These paintings are inspired by those who dared to travel into unknown and never turned back (explorers, architects, scientists) allowing us to have glimpse of worlds otherwise already populated and domesticated.

Henri Preiss - My First NFT