Exhibition "Meeting in Rome"

Meeting in Rome. Juris Zvirbulis, Ulvis Alberts, Antanas Sutkus. This is a devotion of three artists to their friendship and creative work that is unified by the Hotel Roma.

Latvian painter Juris Zvirbulis, Lithuanian photographer Antanas Sutkus and American photographer of Latvian origin Ulvis Alberts are all united by common friendship and creative projects. At different times and circumstances the life and creative work of the artists has been connected with the legendary hotel “Hotel Roma”. In respect to the modern culture forum White Night 2018 the Gallery Birkenfelds is organising the exhibition of all three artists as a symbolic meeting at Rome. 


(c) Ulvis Alberts                                                             (c) Juris Zvirbulis                                                                                                       (c) Antanas Sutkus

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