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This year the American poet and writer Charles Bukowski celebrates his 100 year anniversary. In 1976, Latvian photographer
Ulvis Alberts photographed Charles Bukowski at home in his East Hollywood apartment. One of the images from this session
grew popular with the public.
And to honor the famous writer, Alberts is releasing a museum quality poster of 100 only copies,
twenty signed by the photographer and the others stamped with his archival seal.


Charles Bukowski. Limited Edition Poster & Shipping

ULVIS ALBERTS "CAMERA AS PASSPORT" - Artist signed and numbered book:

Price in the gallery or with shipping in Latvia 70 EUR / Price with Worldwide shipping 89 EUR



"I consider POKER FACE 2 to be one of the definitive works in poker history. Part news, part high art, and part pure entertainment - POKER FACE 2 provides a rare portrait into the grit and grime of the game of poker that is glossed over by television and unseen by the public. The chiseled faces, the disheveled looks of desperation, the ecstasy of victory and agony of defeat -- it's all in there. No other photographer other than Ulvis Alberts could have captured poker in its rawest, purest, and most astonishingly captivating form."

Nolan Dalla
Media Director -- "World Series of Poker" (Las Vegas)

"A signed hardcover/boxed 25th. Anniversary edition." The ultimate "cofee-table" book of poker photography.

Weighs 9 pound.





Ulvis Alberts Foundation in collaboration with the Birkenfelds gallery have produced special  posters with the Tom Waits portrait and legendary Superman - actor, Christopher Reeve. Poster size 66 x 45 cm / 26 " x  18 ". Limited edition poster of 250. Printed in 2010.

Price in gallery: 15 EUR / Price with Worldwide shipping 25 EUR











Price in gallery: 10 EUR / Price with Worldwide shipping 20 EUR