The artist was born into a creative family. His father Anatoly Vedernikov was a famous pianist, and his mother Olga Hecker was a violinist who came from an intelligent family of German settlers. The grandfather of the future artist was a famous scientist, professor of philosophy, and religious figure. All the complex turns of fate of the Hecker family could not but affect the worldview of Yuli Vedernikov and formed the basis of his creativity and philosophical perception of the world around him. He grew up and was brought up in a creative atmosphere. Famous musicians, actors, and painters were frequent guests at their family home. The Vedernikov family had close friendly relations with S.T. Richter and R.R. Falk. From early childhood, Yuliy Vedernikov dreamed of becoming a musician, like his parents, and seriously studied music at the Gnesin school. But tragedy struck: an unexpected illness deprived the boy of his hearing. The parents began to teach the boy to understand speech from his lips and were so successful in his studies that Julius continued to study at a comprehensive school, even learning English from his lips. Since losing his hearing, Yuliy Vedernikov began to pay more and more attention to drawing. Yuliy Vedernikov developed as an artist in the late 60s and early 70s. His aunt Irma Gekker, being a professional artist, introduced Yuli to her friend, her former classmate and famous representative of the Moscow underground of the 60s, Vasily Yakovlevich Sitnikov, who at that time was recruiting students for his school who would not have the slightest idea about painting. According to V.Ya. Sitnikov, you need to start drawing in your mind, through your imagination, which needs to be developed with an inner vision in each picture. Yuliy Vedernikov is an artist-philosopher who allows us to look from the outside at the cycle of momentary human relationships, the fall of our values and confusion of goals, immorality, greed, and hypocrisy, which reduce people’s relationships to animal instincts. Most of the characters in his paintings evoke feelings of surprise and regret, and gentle but bitter humor. The canvases of Yuliy Vedernikov very vividly convey living, aptly captured life and its obvious absurdity. “I want to depict our life in all its beauty and numerous charms. But something doesn’t work out for me... Refracting through me, this life comes out from under my brush or pen as something strange and even, I would say, absurd. And there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Lot Nr. 544 Julij Anatolevic VEDERNIKOV (1943-2015)

"What kind of stuff are we standing in line for ?", 1981, canvas/oil, 50 x 41 cm.

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