The terms used in the auction regulations shall be interpreted as follows:

Buyer – a person that bids the highest price for the lot at the auction.

Gallery Birkenfeld's – a legal person that organizes auctions and gets remuneration for organizing sales.

Lot – any item (or real estate) that is offered for auction by the Auction house and is given a Lot number in any document or catalogue.

Hammer price – the sum of the highest bid for a Lot that is confirmed by the auctioneers.

Commission – the sum that constitutes a percentage of the Hammer price and is to be paid for the services of the Gallery Birkenfeld's.

Starting price – the price of the Lot at the start of the auction. The Starting price is indicated in the description of the Lot in the catalogue and is calculated in EUR.

Reserved Price - A reserve price is a hidden minimum price—essentially, the lowest price that the seller is willing to accept for the item. Since it is confidential it is not published in the catalogue. If the Lot auction ends without any bids that meet the reserve price, the seller is not required to sell the item. Reserved price or Reserve is mentioned with the capital letter R next to the Starting Price.

Estimates - are given for all lots and can be based on prices recently paid at auction for comparable property.

Absentee bid – if the Buyer does not take part in the auction personally and is not willing or cannot manage it with the mediation of the authorized person, the Buyer can participate in the Auction in writing by the so-called Absentee bid. In the case of the Absentee bid, the Buyer determines the highest price he/she takes on the responsibility to pay for the corresponding Lot in written form upon registration for the auction. During the Absentee bid, the representatives of the Auction house keep in contact with the Buyer by phone.

Follower of. The gallery believes that the work was done in the manner of the named artist, during their lifetime or later.


Absentee bid by telephone and in written

If you wish to bid by phone and in writing please fill out the Buyers registration form and send it to Gallery Birkenfeld's not later than 2 hours before the Auction.

Bidding Increment

Bid Amount         Increments

10 - 50                         2

51 -100                        5

101- 200                     10

201- 500                      20

501 - 1000                   50

1001 - 2 000                100

2001 - 5 000                200

5001 - 10 000               250

10001 - 50 000             500

50001 …                     1000


Buyers who take part in the auction on the Internet should take into account the fact that the auction takes place after Latvian time (Greenwich time plus two hours).


     1. Should the Lot be bid - a Commission in the amount of 18% (incl. VAT) of the Hammer price is payable for each Lot. 

     2.  Buyers who participate in Real Estate Auctions did not pay the buyer commission. Buyers make payments only with the Seller.

     3. Buyers who use the Buy Now option did not pay the buyer commission.

     4. If the Hammer price is above 30 001 EUR the Commission is 18 % (incl. VAT) of the Hammer price from 30 000 EUR and then 15 %( incl. VAT) from the rest amount.

     5. Choosing payment by PayPal +3% additional to the total sum.

     6. By registering to participate in the auction, the Buyer is registered in the Gallery's customer list and will start receiving advertising materials about exhibitions and auctions in the Gallery via If the Buyer does not want to receive such information, he has the option to refuse.