Historian of mathematics and artists Daina Taimiņa is known worldwide for her works of art, having received international awards for her crocheted models of mathematical planes, which help children and adults alike better understand and appreciate these wonders of science. She is currently an associated professor at Cornell University, has given academic and public lectures throughout the world, and has participated in exhibitions in the US, Belgium, Latvia, the UK, and Italy. Daina Taimiņa is a Guinness world record-holder as well, having entered the history books in 2013 by crocheting the largest hyperbolic plane, which weighedd 6.7 kilograms and had dimensions of 70 x 70 x 50 centimeters.

Lot Nr. 1 Daina Taimiņa

Crocheted model of mathematical planes. Red wool yarn crochet, approx. 220 g, 22x17x20cm

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2018-05-13 18:00

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