Born in 1936 in the Preiļi parish, Jānis Streičs is a film director, actor, writer, painter, and community activist who is beloved not only in Latvia, but beyond. He has received awards in many international film festivals - Moscow, Boston, Chicago - for his work. Three of Streičs' films have received the Best Picture award at the Lielais Kristaps (Big Kristaps) film festival - "Teātris" ("Theatre", 1978), "Limuzīns Jāņu nakts krāsā" ("A Limousine the Colour of Midsummer's Eve", 1981), and "Cilvēka bērns" ("Child of Man", 1991).

Lot Nr. 2 A photography of actor Uldis Dumpis

Photographer Kristaps Kalns. Black and white, 32x47cm, framed

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