Ingmars Lidaka, the graduate of the Faculty of Biology at the University of Latvia, is a Latvian zoologist, activist of nature conservation and politician . Since 2018, the Chairman of the Board of Riga Zoo. Known as a long-time public relations specialist in the Zoological Garden, author of many stories, films and television shows about nature. Riga's National Zoo or Riga Zoo occupies an area of approximately 20 hectares, with a collection of 430 species of 3,000 animals (excluding insects and other invertebrates), of which more than 40 species are included in the World Red Book. Its main tasks are determined by the World Zoo and Aquarium Strategy for Nature Conservation, it contributes to preserving natural biodiversity and conducts its work in environmental education.

Lot Nr. 18 2.5h tour in Riga Zoo

...led by Ingmārs Līdaka. Suitable for a group of up to 15 people. Time by agreement 

Hammer Price: 70 €

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2018-05-13 19:25

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