Kārlis is 28 years old. He is almost deaf, with the complex developmental disorder. In everyday life, due to his severe mobility problems, he moves by holding onto nearby objects. He needs round-the-clock care. The home is his hope for the future.

“When I started the work, I gave Kārlis absolute freedom, taking into account the limiting factor of his mobility problems. He started with a dark shade, but I think, inspired by the process, he intuitively reached for the lighter shades. Colour inspires! You can see boats in the painting, which are very symbolic, because sometimes you are alone in them and sail through life, but here and now I am together with Kārlis in the same boat. Together, to help to reach the safe haven – a home where Kārlis will be taken care of.”

Lot Nr. 5 Sabīne Līva in collaboration with Kārlis

“Balance”, 2021, canvas / oil / candle wax, 95 x 115 cm

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