Anna is 28 years old. She has the complex developmental disorder. Anna radiates a lot of sweetness and love. In her daily life, Anna needs support and recognition for what she has done. The home will change Anna's everyday life.

“This is the place where our dreams meet. Anna's dreams, my dreams, our dreams. The station is a place where there is constant activity, where people come and go and change, but their thoughts and experiences build up in layers. It was exciting to work with Anna, and it seemed that Anna was constantly demanding praise for what she had done, which was so human – to be appreciated and proud of herself. The dream station will one day be a home where Anna will not only exist, but also experience creativity and her own, independent life.”

Lot Nr. 1 Patricia Brekte Pannetier in collaboration with Anna

“Dream Station”, 2021, canvas / acrylic, 70 x 80 cm

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