Lāsma is 20 years old. She has the complex developmental disorder and needs professional support in her daily life, both in decision-making and in assisting with other activities. Lāsma's parents dream of a home where Lāsma would receive the support she needs when they are no longer alive.“This is definitely a collaboration between Lāsma and me, it is more an expression of Lāsma's wonderful soul. The only big work I did in this synergy is the horizon I set, everything else was done by Lāsma. I created a creative process, and it was really important for me that Lāsma not only participates in it, but also enjoys the process. We had a good time and created something very abstract; I didn't even want to change anything later. Lāsma is such a special young woman, and I have a huge desire to be part of this project because I worry about where Lāsma will end up when her parents are gone. One step closer to a group home.”


Lot Nr. 4 Kristīne Kutepova in collaboration with Lāsma

"Dream World", 2021, canvas / acrylic,65 x 90 cm

Hammer Price: 600 €

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2022-01-09 20:20

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