Rihards is 29 years old. He is nonverbal and has a severe developmental disorder. Rihards' daily life is not possible without the help of others, both when moving and performing other daily activities. Rihards is in dire need for a home with therapeutic environment.“It was a challenge for me, but at the same I had a huge curiosity about what Rihards and I will be able to create together. We created a whole story, which is a tiny event in the creation of the world. Rihards is nonverbal and I gave him artistic freedom by putting a brush in Rihards' hand and moving it slightly towards our goal, offering him different shades of colour on the palette. The uncertainty in working with Rihards was intriguing, while the uncertainty of what would happen to Rihards the moment there was no one who could take care of Rihards worries me. With my work, I want to encourage people to get involved and not stay on the sidelines. It is important for me to be part of this project to build together a home for Rihards and his friends.”

Lot Nr. 12 Jana Nesteroviča in collaboration with Rihards

A Dialogue through Thorns ”,2021., canvas / oil, 80 x 90 cm

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