Dārta is 31 years old. She has the complex developmental disorder. Dārta likes to be in the company of people. Dārta knows what it means to live in a family where you can receive support every moment. She dreams of a Home where she will never be afraid to trip because there will be someone there to help her get up.“I was very impressed by Dārta's sweetness and courage, she immediately picked up a paintbrush and without hesitation dipped it in the paint and dragged it the way she felt, without boundaries or frames, without having been taught how to do it right. In the finished painting, I have left more than what is familiar and understandable to the mind and the eye because there is so much more beyond it, and Dārta's bold brushstrokes are a testament to it. I really enjoyed the process when we could paint together, feeling each other at the level of the heart, not the mind. Dārta hugged me several times, without a reason, just because she wanted to, moving me to tears. And I hope that the exhibition and the paintings will resonate, and that together we will all be able to take steps closer to make our dream of building a group home come true.”

Lot Nr. 6 Ieva Rubene in collaboration with Dārta

"Power of Light", 2021, canvas / oil, 75 x 95 cm

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2022-01-09 20:30

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