Kristiāns is 30 years old. Due to his severe developmental and mobility disorders, Kristiāns spends his life in a wheelchair. He is nonverbal.“Horizon, sea, peace, harmony, in our brushstrokes. The brushstrokes of the horizon definitely belong to Kristiāns. There weren't many of them, but this is no longer a story of quantity, but of boldness, which Kristiāns definitely possess. The courage to be yourself and to try! It is important for me, with my contribution to this project, to translate this harmony into good thoughts, so that the dream of the young people about a home comes true in the near future.”

Lot Nr. 7 Emma Sofia in collaboration with Kristiāns

“Peace no. 1 ”, 2021, canvas / oil, 95 x 115 cm

Hammer Price: 700 €

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2022-01-09 20:35

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