Zanda is 40 years old. She is the most diligent helper in the candle workshop despite the fact that she spends her days in a wheelchair. Zanda has the complex developmental disorder. Due to the disorder, she cannot move around without help. Zanda needs refuge.“I still remember Zanda's words that there are not many people who would really stand up for her in this life. In this project, I stood up for Zanda, and together we painted with bright thoughts about the future home, which will one day be built and will be a refuge not only for Zanda. We were really excited about the brushstrokes, and Zanda did it very well; it seems that both of us, down to the smallest particle of our being, were aware of the purpose of why we were doing it. We will build this home!”

Lot Nr. 8 Elizabete Melbarzde in collaboration with Zanda

“To be in Nature”, 2021, canvas / oil, 70 x 80 cm

Hammer Price: 650 €

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2022-01-09 20:40

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