Mārtiņš is 34 years old.  He has the complex developmental disorder. Mārtiņš spends his days in a wheelchair. His physical abilities are limited. Mārtiņš is ready for his life and dreams of living it with the support he needs daily.“An absolutely fantastic synergy if only because Mārtiņš was in a playful mood for the painting process and was ready to dip his hand in all the paints, the prints of which had to be left on the canvas afterwards. A very correct and true approach of feelings to painting. Truthfulness. Authenticity. Openness. Warm energy from Mārtiņš, and I am not afraid to say on behalf of both of us that we enjoyed the process very, very much! It is important for me to be part of this project, knowing that my brushstrokes too have brought these young people closer to a home where they can be happy, real – themselves. Mārtiņš is so wonderful!”


Lot Nr. 2 Alise Mediņa in collaboration with Mārtiņš

Flight towards”, 2021, canvas / oil, 70 x 80 cm

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