Rock nest – A fantastic place, where a close family or a small group of friends can enjoy companionship, warmth, and the feeling of togetherness. In this nest, it is also pleasant to relax by yourself… freely lying at full length and dreaming about a beautiful future, while looking through the lace pattern! Laviture is a company, which has welcomed volcanic lava, which has slept inside the depths of the earth, above the ground. Using modern technologies, which melt the stone at high temperatures and create durable threads out of them, lava ends up in the hands of skillful masters. The volcanic lava is turned into a unique, fine, but very durable basalt stone product. Basalt fiber is a special material, which is acquired by melting basalt stone at approximately 1500 oC (2730 o F). By pushing it through nozzles, basalt threads or stone threads are obtained. Basalt fiber has high flexibility, resulting in excellent strength and durability of the material. It has many advantages in comparison to other materials used in furniture production.

Attention! The stand must be purchased additionally

Technical advantages of basalt:

  • High technical durability
  • Resistant against chemical substances
  • Resistant against very high temperature fluctuations
  • Water resistant
  • Noise dampening
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Resistant against salty sea water
  • Resistant against UV radiation
  • Dielectric (does not conduct electricity)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Environmentally friendly


King Rock Nest

Basalt fibre. Dimensions:190 x 105 x 150 (cm), 75 x 41 x 50 (in). Weight: 30 (kg), 66 (lbs)

Large Cushion included. Delivery within Latvia is included in the price


Price: 3100 €

If you interested in purchasing this work please contact gallery