Latvian artist Eižens Valpēters was born in 1943 in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. Eižens Valpēters has completed restoration courses. Participated in the restoration of Rundāle Castle (1973-1981), Jaunmoku Castle (1986-1987), Maikapars House in Riga (2001). Since the 1960s, the artist has been a representative of nonconformism and Latvian alternative culture and participated in the activities of the Kaza's group. The artist has compiled the edition “Uncensored” published in 2010, which is dedicated to the alternative culture of Latvia in the sixties and seventies. Member of the Latvian Artists' Union since 2009. Eižens Valpēters is an active participant in exhibitions organized by the Latvian Artists' Union. The artist works in photography and assembly technique, creating objects in which a significant place is given to the artist's peaceful, observant position and resigned attitude.

Eižens Valpēters (1943)

"Hitchhiking", April 2021, collage, digital printing, laminated, 28 x 39.7 cm

Price: 120 €

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