Egils Rozenbergs is the first Latvian artist, whose creative sketches will be realized in large scale tapestries in France, in two of historically famous Gobelin weaving manufacturies - La Manufacture des Gobelins (located in Paris, founded in 1601  during the reign of Henri IV) and in La Manufacture des Beauvais (located in Beauvais, founded in 1664 during the reign of Louis XIV). This is an incredible achievement and honour for the artist, especially if we keep in mind the significance of these institutions in the course of history in France. Country, which had always been proud and was famous with Gobelin weaving traditions and manufacturies and where mostly sketches from famous French painters were executed for notable interiours.

Egils Rozenbergs

"Sea in the Mist", 2020, linen, wool, polyester, 182x116 cm.

Price: 1560 €

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