Each work of "Moka-Moka" is individual and no one was repeated. The art robot does not repeat what has been programmed or seen before. It is based on a random number generator. "As an artist, I believe that thought can affect reality, just as my robot may or may not become an extension of my personality. It was nice to see how amazed people look at how a robot's drawing is made. It's a suggestive and truly therapeutic process," .

Egils Mednis has created graphic design in many leading newspapers, the main artist in advertising agencies.

He has created a corporate identity style for many companies, including graphic design for the Riga Festival and the light festival “Staro Rīga”. Created the concept of the content of the computer game "Castle of Light".

Egil's film debut, the animated film The Ship, which was developed using computer game development technology, won three major awards in various categories at the Machima Film Festival in New York, including The Best of the Festival.

Egils Mednis (1962)

Drawing robot "Moka-Moka", "025 / 01.10.10.", 2010, paper / felt-tip pen /, 72 x 81 cm

Price: 300 €

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