"At a certain point in my life, I decided to dedicate myself exclusively to it. Little by little, I have managed to reach this incredible moment. I was born in Barcelona. I did graffiti in my early teens until I discovered my true passion – painting large canvases. I am influenced by many beautiful things that I find surrounding me every day. I like to capture them on my canvases so that they last. I have this cheerful color palette in my mind that is dominating most of my works. I take small ideas from realism, surrealism, and expressionism. I use elements and ideas from Pop, Street-Art, Baroque, Classical, and Neoclassical styles in my paintings. I also include portraits of great icons, especially from cinema or music. There is a small tribute to artists that I admire in each of my paintings that contributed something to my creativity, no matter how large or small they are. My works have been exhibited in France, Austria, United States, as well as my native Spain. Through pop art and street style, my vibrantly colored works are intended to transmit joy and a sense of well-being. I invite you to re-experience your fondest memories, as if for the first time." Cross Magi

Cross Magri

"Siparuni", 2023., audekls/akrils, 110x 110 cm

Price: 1800 €

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