Kopmanis was born in 1910 in Riga. He studied wood carving at K. Zemdega's studio and worked as his assistant. At the Latvian Academy of Art, K. Zāle and K. Jansons were among his professors. During his student years, Kopmanis was interested in the work of foreign sculptors such as Maillol, Bourdelle, Carl Mille and Rodin. He began working as a realist sculptor but later developed toward a more semi-abstract style. During the Second World War, Kopmanis went to Germany as a refugee, and later to England. In 1951, Kopmanis arrived in Canada, where he also became known as a talented sculptor, participating in major Canadian as well as international exhibitions and received prizes for his work in competitions. In Toronto, Kopmanis had six solo exhibitions of sculptures and medals.

August Kopmanis (1910-1976)

Bronze figure, h 61, cm

Price: 850 €

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