Janis Kapralis


New appropriation in Latvian art of the 20 century are recently found works of the artist Janis Kapralis (1913-1978) , that would otherwise be left unnoticed.  The new thought was given to the art of the painter and graphist due to a recently discovered private collection.

Artist, Janis Kapralis was born in 1913 to a peasant family in Zentene county. He started studying in 1934 at the Academy of Arts of Latvia and was a student there until May of 1944. During WW2, he went to Germany as a fugitive, where he was arrested and incarcerated together with German war captives in a filtration camp. He was later freed but with damaged health. Although the arrest was unjustified, Janis Kapralis was not admitted in the Artists Union that forbade him to participate in exhibitions. But within the circle of artists, he had friends like Valdis Kalnroze, Janis Pauluks, and Alfejs Bromults.

For several years, Janis Kapralis had been working at Liesma publishing house and later at Zvaigzne as an artist-illustrator. His inspiration and talent were also contributed to illustrating fairy-tale books and educational literature for blind children.

Though many facts of the life of the artist are still unknown, we have the chance to see his art. Dates of the works allow us to follow the life of the artist, to see his surrounding world and development of his style of painting.The exhibition at the Birkenfelds gallery is the first solo show of Janis Kapralis in Latvia.

The research of the artists life and creative biography continues.

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