About the gallery



Birkenfelds Gallery was founded in 1994; its director is Toms Zvirbulis.

The gallery organizes exhibits and auctions of the old masters and work by contemporary artists, as well as appraises artwork.The gallery organized its first art auction in 2005. Since 2008 Birkenfelds Gallery is the first art gallery in Latvia organizing noteworthy exhibits of photographic art, establishing a foundation for the commercial circulation of photography in the art market of Latvia.



We are aware that works of art have been created for you – the viewer, the connoisseur of art, the collector. Birkenfelds Gallery chooses only the best works.

Our mission is to be your advisor and intermediary, one that takes care that the work of art you have selected becomes yours. We always take into consideration your financial situation and offer favorable solutions.


Professional experience in Latvia’s art market over the course of many years and cooperation with artists and collectors have provided us with the opportunity to assist clients in acquiring valuable works of art.

We create collections of contemporary art and the works of the old masters and provide consultations on acquiring artwork at auction. Start your own collection today!


The gallery possesses a special atmosphere. If you are planning an informal meeting with transaction partners or are celebrating an important event, we will be pleased if you find the gallery to be a suitable location for an event. For small groups (10-20 persons), under the guidance of gallery staff, we can offer an introduction to the works of the gallery’s artists and trends in Latvia’s art market.

If thus far you have not had any contact with art galleries, come visit us, and we will help you take your first steps in the exciting world of art.



We have been working in Latvia’s art market for over 30 years. Over time, we have developed certain quality standards, as a result of which the selection of works is conducted thoroughly, and the prices are in line with current market trends. If you have chosen Birkenfelds Gallery as your cooperation partner in the acquisition of works of art, you should be aware of what this cooperation means.

The gallery offers you following services and guarantees:

Birkenfelds Gallery confidentiality policy

By registering on the gallery’s web page, your data (e-mail, phone number, address) remain at the disposal of SIA Birkenfelds until such time as you send a written request to our e-mail to delete these data.

SIA Birkenfelds will use your data to contact you and inform you about exhibits, auctions and other events related to company activities.

Your personal data – e-mail, phone number, address – as well as information about transactions shall not be transferred to third parties, except as required by Latvian law.

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If you have any questions about SIA Birkenfelds’ terms of confidentiality, please contact us.

Your opinion is important to us.


Toms Zvirbulis,


Birkenfelds Gallery